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4 Days in Rome (Part 2)

Let’s continue with the walk through the beautiful Rome.

Third day

Vatican Museums

Work time:
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 to 18:00 (can be accessed until 16:00 and must leave until 17:30)
Sunday is closed except for the last Sunday of every month when the entrance is free as long as it does not coincide with the national Italian holidays (8, 25 and 26 December, January 1 and 6, February 11, March 19, April 5 and 6, May 1, June 29, August 15, and Easter).

Vatican city and Museums

You can not go to Rome and miss visiting the Vatican. In order to visit it, you have to buy a ticket with an entry time. Find out ore information about at my previous article. Calculate the most convenient time during the day for you. I would recommend the very first free hour in the morning. This will keep you from rushing to see everything, and the afternoon to be free.

Important note: Roma Pass does not include tickets for Vatican museums, as the Vatican City is a separate city.

The Vatican’s tour won’t be short. It is an independent city-state, a center of Christianity and a Pope’s home. The population is less than a thousand inhabitants.

Quick Advice: Dress appropriately, as nudity there is not tolerated. Ladies can use a scarf in the summer season to cover the shoulders. Take your comfortable shoes, as there is plenty to go around and see. If you carry a rucksack or a large bag, be prepared to leave it in the wardrobe as security guards take care of safety a lot.

20 centuries of history and art are gathered in the Vatican Museums. A place to inspire you, something you should see at least once in a lifetime.

What can you see in the Vatican Museums?

It depends on you and your interests, as the Vatican Museums have one of the largest collections of artworks in the world and unfortunately in most cases a person has only one day to visit them. The tour can take you from a few hours to a full day, depending on how much you are keen on. Definitely there are some amazing things, but to succeed in one day, it’s good to choose what you want to see the most.

Choose between:

  • Pinacoteca – a gallery of works by Rafaello, Leonardo Da Vinci and Caravaggio
  • Sculpture museums
  • Museo Pio-Clementino
  • Museo Chiaramonti
  • Museo Gregoriano Etrusco
  • Museo Gregoriano Egiziano – for mummy fans
  • Gallery of geographic maps
  • The rooms of Rafaello – after the Sistine Chapel, the second main attraction for art fans
  • Bramante Staircase – on your way to the Sistine Chapel you will wind up by the Spiral staircase in the Vatican. It takes you outside the museums, a twin spiral staircase: one ramp climbs, the other goes down.
    Bramante Staircase from above
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