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4 Days in Rome (Part 1)

As I promised, I am happy to share the organization of my trip to Rome, which was arranged in 3 days. Definitely, these four days are not enough to go around and fully explore the capital of Italy, but they are absolutely enough to fall in love with it. After gathered some helpful things for preparing your trip to Rome, now it’s time to share some impressions of the city atmosphere and sightseeing.

Day One

As a first time traveler I was eager to see everything, even though many people told me not to aim for it. Immediately after landing in the early afternoon on Fiumicino Airport and setting in our lovely accommodation, we ran down the streets of Rome. At first, me and my partner in crime decided to find where to buy the Roma Pass cards and meanwhile explore the route  for the next day. Namely, the way to The Colosseum, I thought it was a long way from the apartment, so I did not hurry and stopped constantly for pictures. (Actually The Colosseum is just in about 40 minutes, which was not much.)

*Hot tip: Keep in mind that the best way to explore Rome is to walk it on foot. Tourist attractions are pretty close to each other, and the streets and piazzas deserve every single step.

Find Hidden Gems

One not so famous but still beautiful destination is the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, where the papal throne can be seen.

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The interesting thing about it is that it is little known, but it is actually the cathedral church of Rome and the official seat of the Bishop of Rome, who is the Pope. And just 4 minutes from the Basilica is located the Porta San Giovanni.

 Porta San Giovanni

Regardless of the Church tour which can take up to 30 minutes, the final destination was reached, the Colosseum, at the perfect moment for a photo – at sunset. I recommend you to catch this time of the day in order to enjoy the sun’s rays spreading over the majestic building.

The Colosseum at sunset

There is no way to get in at this time, as the working time is up to 19:00. Once reached there, you can stroll through the lovely Parco del Celio, that is just across the street, and spend some time in wonderful alleys and rose gardens.

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When you get hungry…

As for the first day, four hours after the beginning of our walk, my emotions were replaced by starvation. It was time to enjoy another great aspect of visiting Italy – the delicious food. If you’re for the first time in a given country, and want to taste really good food, just ask the locals for their hidden gems.

Quick Tip: Never underestimate the small door leading to the local restaurant. You do not know how pleasant the place can surprise you! Also keep in mind that the Italians are often late, lavish and loud. Keep your table at least a few hours before you decide to sit in the chosen place, especially if it’s a Local Restaurant of Honor.

Meridiem turned out to be the typical Italian pizzeria that surprised us with very delicious pizza, a language barrier because the staff didn’t speak English and me personally with splendid white wine. I recommend this place for a relaxed and tasty  typical Italian dinner.

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