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Trip to Vienna (part 1)

Again we put our most comfortable shoes and start a new trip. This time we decided to explore the Austrian capital – Vienna. Beautiful architecture, calm, enormous, inspiring and different. The combination of majestic palaces and charming parks turns Vienna into a very desirable and visited destination. However, it remains a calm, pleasant and in my opinion non-crowded European capital. Perhaps my impression of not overflowing with tourists is that we managed to visit the city in mid-September. Yes, everyone imagines Vienna at Christmas – Christmas markets, sweets, and candies … alas, it was not in my head. I rather wanted to discover the architecture, see the best city to live for the last year and enjoy the best possible weather (I just do not like cold).


The destination is very convenient with a direct flight from Varna. You arrive directly at Vienna International Airport (VIE), 18 km southeast of the city center. So much with the facts! Transport from the airport is not difficult to catch and reach any point to Vienna. The metro and trains network is extremely developed, there are so many attachments and shifts that make it easy to move in different directions. However, for a confused person like me, it was a real challenge. Nevertheless, I believe that at the end of the trip I finally managed to figure out how to buy the right ticket for my trip. It’s good to know:

  • Rail transport is divided into U-Bahn (subway) and S-Bahn (trains)
  • Metro runs on every 3-5 minutes
  • Trains are very used transport, from the airport you can safely move with the S7 to the center and from there to attach to which part of the city you need to go.
  • The most lucrative weekly card that costs € 14 and is valid for any kind of transport. Be careful when you activate it, because it’s only until Sunday, 23: 59h the same week. If you want a shorter card term for public transport – there are 24h, 48h, 72h.
  • Buy tickets from OBB information booths because your ticket to the airport will not be € 3.60 if you already have a public transport card. It will be € 1.80 and you will pay only for the extra-urban part of the trip;
  • We were told that public transport inspectors are strict and fair, do not travel gratis. (Although we never found anyone checks our tickets)

So much for traveling, so is the accommodation.


Budget accommodation, convenient transport, walking distance to the center – the main criteria we chose the hotel we stayed in. Right across a train station from which we came from the airport and which we would use again to get home – perfectly, I do not like heavy luggage on my back for a long time.
The hotel is not something special, we did not take advantage of the breakfast. The good thing was that the room looked at the courtyard and it was quiet, the worst – it was on the top floor and we had a window on the roof… but why bad, it was really romantic. For the purpose and the means – a great way to explore Vienna.

Vienna Pass

What is it? Are you planning to go around many museums, galleries, and all sorts of attractions that have entrance fees? Take the opportunity to buy Vienna Pass. Keep in mind that museum prices range from € 15 to € 25.
It’s good to know:

  • The best sights in Vienna are free with Vienna PASS.
  • With buying the card you get a quick entry and no wait to visit the sights of Vienna, just skip the line.
  • You can use the free bus tours – HOP ON HOP OFF. (Nice double-decker buses that provide a lazy walk to all the most visited places in Vienna.)
  • You have to choose how long your Vienna Pass is valid – 1, 2, 3 or 6 days, with the relevant rates here.

I’ve already mentioned some of the important things that are useful to know when visiting Vienna city. It is It’s time to share the sights I visited and managed to take my breath. Expect the second part of the trip!

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