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Trip to Vienna (Part 2)

The days we planned for our trip to Vienna were two (we knew they would not be enough at all), but the afternoon in which we arrived and settled was not to be missed and we took advantage. We were 20 minutes walking distance to the main boulevard we would be walking along – Ringstraße – “The Round Street”, encircling the central city area of ​​the Innerestadt.

Keep in mind that if you want to see everything, it’s incomprehensible for 2-3 days, but here I will share places you can organize into a tight program and walk around. I already mentioned that you need comfortable shoes, though.


Follow this boulevard and you will have the opportunity to explore the very heart of Vienna. Do not miss out on the beautiful streets of the city, where you will enjoy its atmosphere – squares, buildings, street culture. The boulevard features not only the center of Vienna but also takes you to amazing public parks that are worth your time – to see, to sit and to relax. Wonderful, colorful and full of fountains and statues, these parks charm:

  • Stadtpark
  • Volksgarten
  • Zigmund Freud Park
  • Burggarten Park
  • Florianipark

Vienna offers a unique atmosphere of tradition and stunning modern architecture. We managed to organize and visit a lot of places, according to our desires, which now I will recommend to you.

Cathedral of St. Stefan

The gothic symbol of the city. The building is extremely large and difficult to fit into the photographic lens. But it is worth every attempt!

The Museum Quarter

The Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Museum of Queen Elizabeth of Austria (“Sisi”), the Natural History Museum and Museum of Art History, the Museum of Modern Art Mumok (Ludwig Foundation), the Leopold Museum, and the Museum of the technique.


An impressive building built in Gothic style.

The National Library of Austria

It is housed in the Hofburg Palace. In 1722, Carl VI ordered a separate building to be built in the Palace for the Imperial Library. It impresses with its exclusive collection, architecture, and interior.

Vienna Opera (Wiener Staatsoper)

As the world capital of music, this is also one of the symbols of the city. For opera lovers, visiting her would be a unique experience.

Vienna Opera

The House of Music

An interactive sound museum where you become a creator by yourself. An overwhelming experience that begins with the sounds of the womb that the baby hears. It’s worth the trip through all its halls and do not miss out on everything you can play and interact there.

Bonus Attraction: ‘Time Travel’

It is something you will not encounter in other travel books about the capital of Austria. A fun interactive experience that can introduce you in an interesting way to the history of this unique city, as well as excite you, surprise, scare and sad. Experience the history of Vienna in a unique way with the help of 5D cinema, animated wax figures, various walks and multimedia broadcasts as well as exceptional sound and light effects. (Buying a Vienna pass gives you a free entrance)
For more detailed information you can visit the website:

The tourist attractions in Vienna are fortunately close to each other, and to the farther away you can quickly and easily travel by public transport or the convenient Hop-On Hop-Off buses(they are free if you buy Vienna pass). As I have already mentioned, the days for tours were not much, and the sights are too many. That’s why we have to sift away the distant attractions and keeping the promise that we will return to tour those who we have not been able to visit at this time.

Schönbrunn Palace

The Habsburg Empire headquarters. There is a legend that it was created from a spring of water, and the name Schönbrunn means a wonderful well. Today in the gardens there is an abundance of clear water in fountains and lakes. Huge gardens and a park that can also be toured by a train if you are already too tired for long walks. The palace itself and its rooms can be visited by purchasing a ticket (free pass with Vienna pass) and entering at a fixed time. As the tourist flow here is very large, it enters large groups. We used the time before entering the palace with a tour of the gardens, the greenhouse and in searching the exit of the labyrinth made of a hedge. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful! The palace and gardens are protected by UNESCO as a masterpiece of baroque art.

The oldest zoo in the world

Open all year round with a huge variety of wildlife and exotic plants – is right here. And it’s not about releasing – pandas, penguins, giraffes, elephants, leopards and white bears. Keep in mind that with an irresistible ice cream in your lap, it can take you half a day.

The Danube Tower (Donauturm)

If the highlights impress you like me, this is a place you must visit. The experience here will exceed your expectations – panorama to Vienna, the Vienna Forest and the Danube from 170m. A charming rotating restaurant and cafeteria are located on the top – do not miss to drink Viennese coffee with the Sacher cake while your gaze walks 360 degrees. If you can do it at sunset, I guarantee you an unforgettable experience and memory.


The infamous amusement park gathers not only 250 attractions – noisy, scary, entertaining; but also a place where you can relax – known as the Green Prater – spacious meadows, shady and quiet alleys. The legendary Giant Ferris wheel is one of the symbols of the Austrian capital and one of the things you must go to. It is good to know that out of season (October – March) many of the attractions do not work. The good news is that if the weather is good, the nearly 65-meter-wide Ferris wheel does not stop accepting visitors.

In general, the walk was intense and varied, we managed to see enough to leave Vienna with a pleasant feeling that would someday bring us back to look at the rest. Believe me there is a lot that can still be traveled around in this city and that is worth the tired legs.

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I hope you like it and I promise you soon another exciting and beautiful European place that visited.

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