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4 ideas for extravagant portraits without faces

From so many photos on the holidays and “Smile, turn around, come here, stand like this, squat”, I wish I could take pictures in a different way. The need gave birth to the idea, and here it is – I decided to challenge you to try something different, so I will share 4 ideas for portraits without faces. I also liked the fact that through this type of portrait you can tell a story, reveal more even about the person, without even seeing his face.

Yes, you won’t have to worry about makeup, whether after so much chocolate your face is ruined, and whether the wrinkles will be smoothed out by processing the photos. Simple, casual, and different shots, which still arouse interest and leave the imagination free.


Use an object to hide the face of the person you are shooting. No restrictions, no rules, it’s all up to you, your inspiration, the moment, the items available, and the entourage. Just experiment and I can give you some ideas if you’re missing:

  • A book
  • Bunch of flowers
  • The model’s hair
  • Hat
  • Fan
  • Umbrella

Everything you like fits your photo story and your model – it works! Here are my realized ideas:


I would call it an interesting technique and at the same time simple and hellishly creative. You can achieve impressive shots using a simple mirror and a suitable shooting angle. Let’s not forget that the situation, in this case, is also important for taking dizzying photos. This does not limit you to either being indoors or outdoors. It’s all a matter of idea how much you experiment and your imagination.


Shoot your model so that the face stays out of the frame. Use different angles to stand, different poses, the point is to keep the mystery of the person you are shooting.

📸In the back

The easiest way to hide your face is to take a picture of the person in the back 🙂 Very common, not so creative, but impressive photos and photo stories can also be achieved. Due to the boring nature of the task, I decided to make the shots a little more extravagant and bizarre … do you find something strange? Something upside down? … These photos definitely provoked both my imagination and the sense of humor of my model 😂🎬

💡Bonus idea: Movement

The trick here is to use a slower shutter to capture motion, to blur the face. This ghostly effect is achieved when your model moves its head at a time of shooting at a signal but tries to keep the rest of its body still. Nothing complicated, but interesting … and maybe a little sinister.
I hope you liked the ideas, found inspiration, and applied them. Impress your Instagram followers, break your Facebook profile, and don’t stop looking for ideas, they are everywhere!

Enjoy shooting 📸!

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