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Meet 24mm f2.8 Canon Lens

24mm Happiness

I want to buy a new lens! This idea was born in my head after I got tired of shooting with my Canon 600D kit lens 18-55mm. To choose the right lens to invest in, it’s good first to determine what you want to shoot the most. Proper lens selection allows you to unleash the potential of your creativity afterwards. For this, let me introduce you how I chose my new lens – 24mm f2.8, which I later called “24mm Happiness”.

What do I want to do with the new lens?

  • To use it everyday – if you want to take incredible photos, you should shoot as often as possible. Experience is one of the most important lessons.
  • To carry it everywhere – I like to travel with some luggage – in Bulgaria and beyond. That’s why I need a compact lens that does not matter much and does not take up space.
  • To be able to shoot a beautiful bokeh with it (a bit more about what bokeh is can be found HERE)
  • To fit almost every type of photography – I really like to buy something universal (of course it’s not possible but it does not prevent me from wanting it)
  • To be on a budget – because I don’t want to spend a few thousands for a lens … 🙂

The Result of My Research

The best lens that met my criteria was 24mm f2.8. Let me point out three more positive things about my choice:

  • Price – Pancake lenses tend to be cheap.
  • Aperture – The maximum aperture of the 24mm pancake lens is f / 2.8. This is not particularly impressive for a prime lens, but better than most zooms. If your main lens is a kit lens, you will appreciate the improvement.
  • Short minimum focusing distance – The 24mm pancake lens can focus on a subject within 14 centimeters of the camera. This is very close indeed.

What does 24mm lens mean?

On a cropped sensor camera, as it’s Canon 600D the 24mm lens functions as a 52mm lens. In other words, the 24mm lens is great for almost any type of photography, even for making good portraits without the distortion created by shorter focal lengths.

What is a 24mm lens good for?

People in the context of their surroundings

Every day photos

Landscape and street images

Close-up shots

After exploring what you can do with the cute 24mm f2.8 pancake lens, you should decide if it is what you are looking for. Remember, the technique is just a means of realizing your inspiration and creativity. The rest is in your imagination.

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