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Happy New Year!

May all your wishes come true!

Hysteria around the Christmas holidays passed and we all met the New Year.

I hope you sent 2018 with a smile, despite worries, obstacles, trials, or troubles that could have brought you. I also hope you welcomed the new calendar year with hopes, dreams, plans and impatience. I wish you many more challenges, many reasons for joy and  less difficulties to deal with. In order for our life to be colorful and unique, let us build ourselves every day as better people and surround ourselves with love. As you noticed during the holidays I was “on a vacation” as well and I did not publish anything. We all need to diversify, to be more with our loved ones. And as tradition requires, we must promise some things that we have to accomplish in the coming year.

New Year Resolutions

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I promised to myself more love, more time, more peace, more beautiful photos taken, more interesting destinations visited and more articles published. Several projects are already under way, so I hope will soon be able to share with you!

Wish you a wonderful year!

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